One of the thing that changes greatly with aging is eyes. The eyes are the densely muscled area and blink thousands of times a day so our face has the most exercise. It ages easily because the skin is thin and contains less sebum.

In particular, the eyelids gradually lose thier elasticity, causing sagging and geting wrinkles. Occasionally, threre are people who don't seem to open their eyes and look in front by raising their heads up, because it is difficult to secure sight due to drooping eyelids.

If there is a symptom of sagging eyelids, not only you would look old but as you try to open your eyes wide, even the forehead wrinkles deepen. If the symptoms are severe, the drooping eyelid obstruct the view which can cause functional problems such as fatigue in the eye easily or inflammation around the eye due to collapsing.

Upper eyelid surgery solves out this discomfort and improves the quality of life. However, middle-aged people tend to be more afraid and reluctant to do plastic surgery than younger people. Most of all, the biggest concern is that it will turn into a wild impression after plastic surgery. Existing upper eyelid surgery to incise sagging skin made the double eyelids darker, making the impression easy. In additon, recovery was slow adn scars were inevitable.

In recent years, "non-incisional upper eyelid surgery" has become possible to give the most natural feeling without an incision in the upper eyelid. This is a method of improving the sagging eyelid muscles and skin using threads without cutting off the sagging skin. The advantage is that it looks natural like your own eyes and does not give a strong impression. Mild aging ptosis, which uses the forehead when opening eyes can also be corrected.

When you open your eyes, use tight muscles such as rubber bands. However when the rubber bands is worn, it stretches adn does not transmit power well. At this point, if you can not change to a new rubber band, you can increase the strength tightening the rubber band. This is the principle of non-incision upper eyelid surgery. In other words, it strengthens the strength by adjusting the tension of the eye muscles as if the elastic band is tightened.

In particular, the non-incision upper eyelid surgery is easy to correct, so if you do not like it, you can restore it to its original state. Large swelling can also be eliminated in 2-3days and quickly return to daily life. However, since upper blepharoplasty is a surgery that deals with the sensitive eye area, a surgery plan should be made in consideration of the patient's aging condition, eye shape, skin type and the presene of double eyelids.

In addition, there may be other causes such as sagging of the forehead or eyebrow,  in addition to the eyelids, so it is necessary to determine and resolve the exact cause through preoperative examination.

Written by Park Seon Jae, representative director of Banobagi plastic surgery

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