Less bleeding and scars by minimizing incision.
patients recover faster than nornmal surgery
Speed and accuracy through medical staff training ↑

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Modean medicien is a collaboration between technology and medicine. Robotic surgery using advanced equipment can also be maximized only when the medical staff's extensive experience and research are supported. Korea University Ansan Hospital boasts robotic surgical skills selected from all departments including surgery, obsterics and gynecology and urology. It is evaluated that the gola of improving patient statisfaction and quality of medical care was achieved by successfully tranplanting know-how in open and laparoscopic surgery.
Robotic surgery is called " the flower of modern medicine". Using robotic arm with joints and a camera, only the diseasesd area is precisely cut out while minimizing damage to blood vessels and nerves. The incision range is only about 3cm so there is less bleeding and scarring, and the patient's recovery rate is much faster than general surgery. As the range of applications such as cancer , urology and gynecological diseases ha expanded, centering on surgery, the robotic surgeryboom has risen in the domestic hospital world over the past 10years.
However, robotic surgery can not be the answer for all patients. This is because the therapeutic effect is markedly different depending on the type of disease, stage and health condition. It means that treatemtn results can be similar even though they pay much more expensive than open and laparoscopic surgery. Professor Ji, Woong-bae(Colonectoral and Anus surgery) of the robotic surgery center said, " In order to make use of the strengths of robotic surgery, a doctor's high experience and accurate determination must be followed."

Research on minimally invasive surgery since the early 2000s

Korea University Ansan Hospital has focused on the lastest technologies such as laparoscopy and robots since early 2000s. By organazing the minimally invasive surgery research group, we focused on raising the value of robotic surgery by breaking down the walls of each department and holding a symposium every quater. Professor Ji explained, " We are inspired by sharing specialized robotic surgery methods for each department, and we try to find a treatment suitable for patients by applying them."

A representative example is the "reduction on port stomach caner robotic surgery" performed by Korea University Ansan Hospital. It is treatment that minimizes the burden on patients by performing surgery with only three holes, which are smaller than general robotic surgery(5holes). Professor Chang-min Lee(Gastrointestinal Surgery) said, "In ad robot-assisted thyroidectomy, I got a motif from seeing a camera and an electric knife(energy cutter) inserted into one hole." It was determined that surgery that is difficult to implement with laparoscopy is possible.

Initiallly, Professor Lee performed surgery using only three robotic arms according to the numberof holes. As the first treatment in the world, it was published last year in the international academic journal " Asia surgery journal" and received great attention from the accademic world. However, due to the use of fewer surgical tools, patients with severe tissue adhesion or obesity had difficulties in seuring a field of vision or incision. Therefore, he is developing and applying a new treatment that uses all four robotic arms by inserting a camera and an articulating energy cutter together using a "multi-channel trocar." which is used to insert tools during laparoscopic surgery. Professor Lee said, " because the camera and the energy cutting machine are always pointing at the same place like normal robotic laparoscopy surgery, the same treatment result can be obtained."

In addition, In Korea University Ansan Hospital, diseases that occur in adjacent areas such as the uterus, bladder, and rectum are often treated simultaneously with robots. Ms.Lee(46,female) visited the hospital with irregular menstruation and abdominal pain, but it was diagnosed with a giant fibroid and a rectal tumor of 4cm in diameter. THe robotic surgery center's obsterics and gynecology and colorectal surgery clinic performed robotic hysterectomy through collaboration and then found a way to treat the tumor by inserting a laparoscopic surgical tool into an additional 5mm small hope, and the operation was successfuly completed. Professor Ha-gyun Jang(Obstetrics and gynecology) said "if you treat two diseases at once with a robot, you do not need additional incision and anesthesia, so you can relieve the burden of time and cost on the patients."

When it is only  helpful for patients, recommend robotic surgery

As the experience of robotic surgery ahs accumulated, the preparation time, which was pointed out as a limitation has improved remarkably. We are building a systematic system that enables emergency robotic surgery within 10 minites from a minimum of 30minutes. Prof.Jang said, " it provides opportunities for doctor and nurses who specialize in assisting robotic surgery to participate in regular education. Korea University Ansan Hospital pursues "patient-centered" robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is not recommended unless there is sufficient medical evidence or no real benefit to the patient. For example, prostate cancer is lovated in a narrow pelvis, and the result of robotic surgery with elaboration are much better than general surgery. However, if the cancer dones not spread and radiaiton therapy can remove the cancer, the medical staff seeks the best treatment together through "shared decision-making," informing the patient of the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment in advance. Professor Park Jae-young(Urology department)said "for us, robotic surgery is not a commercial purpose, but a community contribution. We will continue to study what is better treatment for patients including robotic surgery."

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