Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine 자생한방병원

Estimated : 1999
Doctor & Staff : 69
Beds : 99
Available Language :
Address : 858, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Hospital Description

As a spine specialty hospital nominated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, it provides a systematic oriental medical consultation system for each patient's symptoms for the fundamental treatment of spinal diseases. We have 17 domestic branches and 8 branches in USA. Our international medical centers are staffed with medical staff and dedicated coordinators who are available in English, Japanese and Russian.


■ Specialized medical care for foreign patients
○ Oriental Medicine Treatment for Spinal Disc
○ Chinese medicine, acupuncture

Other Services

■ Issuance of documents
Issuance of medical documents, CD copy of diagnosis and examination data and provision of reading result paper (charged)

■ Other
Interpretation of outpatient and inpatient care by language, delivery of domestic and foreign herbal medicine (free delivery in Korea)


• Ministry of Health and Welfare certified medical institution (2014.7 ~ 2018.7)
• Oriental Spine Hospital, designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (2015 ~ 2017)

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