Plastic Surgery

JK Plastic Surgery Center JK성형외과

Estimated : 1998
Doctor & Staff : 9
Beds : 29
Available Language :          
Address : JK Building, Nonhyun-ro835 Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Hospital Description

JK Plastic Surgery one won in 1998 are committed to providing a “beautiful and healthy life” of people around the world on the basis of differentiated health care services 20 years of medical expertise and state-of-the-art facility has defended the accident 0 suggests safety and medical equipment, customer-oriented management certification the committed.

In particular, I strongly JK Plastic Surgery at the international level VVIP personnel are looking for the cosmetic, anti-aging, wellness, advanced stem cell medicine, and it operates a variety of medical fields including Medical Spa & Esthetic, 20 female patients multinational coordinator and each sector extensive clinical the plastic surgery specialist in case you get a high level of satisfaction achieved by systematic consultation and private practice as a team.


■ Specialized medical care for foreign patients
○ anti-aging(such as lifting wrinkles forming, stem cells)
○ eye / nose
○ breast / abdomen shaping and liposuction

Other Services

■ eating
food, porridge, Korean

■ Other
free jindyo counseling, cosmetic surgery tax refund kiosks hospital reserves (downtown reimbursement criteria can be immediately refunded)


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