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Seoul National University Hospital 서울대학교병원

Estimated : 1885
Doctor & Staff : 3,354
Beds : 1,786
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Hospital Description

Seoul National University Hospital has been looking after public health over the past 100 years, leading the development of medicine in Korea. It was established in 1885 as Korea 's first national hospital under the name of Kwang Hye Won. It was after, it became the affiliate hospital for Seoul National University 's College of Medicine and College of Dentistry before being recognized as a special corporate body under the name of Seoul National University Hospital. Today the hospital is comprised of the Main Hospital , the Children's Hospital, the Cancer Hospital, the Dental Hospital , and the Clinical Research Institute. Over 1,700 hospital beds, approximately
1,700 inpatients and 8,500 outpatients are treated each day by 560 medical professors and 5,400 staff. In 2011, it was the first hospital in Korea to be certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Seoul National University Hospital is an educational hospital that trains 1,000 medical professors every year as specialists in each field and is leading the medical industry in Korea as a research center hospital which publishes more than 2,500 papers annually to SCI, a world-renowned papers journal. In 2010, the International Medical Center was expanded to provide one-stop services including interpretation and guidance for foreign patients.


■ Frequent procedures performed exclusively for overseas patients
○ Organ transplantation (kidney & liver)
○ Robotic surgery (BABA Tyroidectomy)
○ Gamma Knife Surgery

Other Services

■ Guaranteed International Health Insurance
CIGNA International, Metlife, Foreign, Service Benefit Plan, Prestige International, United Healthcare Golbal, DAMAN, AETNA International, International SOS, AA+ international, Tricare

■ Various type of meals to match your taste
Western style, Halal style


• Ministry of Health and Welfare certified medical institution (2014.12 ~ 2018.12)

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