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Asan Medical Center 서울아산병원

Estimated : 1989
Doctor & Staff : 1,720
Beds : 2,704
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Hospital Description

Excellent patient-centered hospital that a lot of love into medical technology, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea (Asan Medical Center) from Korea as the largest medical facility, currently an average 11,610 people outpatients, 2,586 people hospitalized patients and 297 emergency patients are looking for, Asan Medical Center, we perform about 61,000 surgeries during the year. Asan Medical Center operates a 44 specialized departments and 27 special centers total, there are three specialty hospitals consisting Cancer Hospital, Heart Hospital, Children’s Hospital. Every year, hundreds of international scientists to observe and superior patient management system, Asan Medical Center to visit in order to learn the know-how of various surgical fields.

Asan Medical Center, International Medical Center provides translation services through six full-time interpreters who speak to foreign patients in English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Mongolian and Arabic. Seoul Asan Hospital trestle goal is to provide patients with the best services with the best medical technology and patient-centered service delivery and state-of-the-art hospital system.


■ Specialized medical care for foreign patients
○ minimally invasive surgery
○ da Vinci Surgical
○ transplant surgery

Other Services

■ Global Insurance Payment Guarantee service
AIU, Zllianz, Aetna, AXA USA (Blue Cross Blue Shields), BUPA, CIGNA, DAMAN, EURO-CENTER, FSBP, GAP, GBG (Tiecare), Geo-blue, H-agencu, HTH, International SOS, Meed, Metlife, MSH China, Prestige, QHM, Seven Corners, SOS-TRICARE, United Healthcare International

■ eating
food, halal way, Russian

■ other
Multilingual newspapers, magazines and broadcasting, Muslim prayer rooms (men and women separated, basin facilities)


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