Cellpia 셀피아의원

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Doctor & Staff : 2
Beds : 0
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Address : 1&2F, Taehyun B/D, 413, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Hospital Description



"Cellpia is a stem cell clinic that restores youth and confidence by using only the safe and proven cells."

Cellpia perform medical treatments by using the harvest SmartPrep2, a medical equipment, globally approved for safety and verified for the effectiveness by FDA, KFDA, and BSI. Harvest SmartPrep is a safe and professional stem cell treatment system with the lethality of 0% in more than 1 million cases worldwide. Cellpia's stem cell regenerative medicine to reinforce blood vessels and immunity, reduce pains, perform plastic surgery and enhance sexual functions in targeted for the health of patients and cellpia put utmost efforts to provide better medical services.

Other Services

■ Specialized Medical Care for foreign patients
○ Stem cell whole body/cerebrovascular strengthen
○ Stem cell pain clinic
○ Stem cell sexual function/Skin&Hair loss treatment
○ Obesity clinic


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