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Item Plastic Surgery Clinic 아이템성형외과

Estimated : 2012
Doctor & Staff : 10
Beds : 0
Available Language :    
Address : Peyto Building 3rd floor Nonhyun-dong No5. Gangnam-gu Seoul, Korea

Hospital Description

Experience a miracle just for you at ITEM Plastic Surgery Clinic.
Miracle is the slogan of ITEM Plastic Surgery.

We all wish for great and small miracles throughout our lives. Not everyone needs plastic surgery. Those who do not feel the need for plastic surgery may be happier people. However, if you are under some kind of stress if you feel like some miracle should happen, We are here to help you with sincerity as high-qualified and experienced professionals you can trust.

The medical staff of ITEM Clinic has studied at well-known university hospitals in Korea and abroad. After acquiring their plastic surgery licenses, they have worked at directors of large distinguished plastic surgery hospitals in Korea and built up numerous clinical experienced and academic activities. We are confident that they are the best in each surgical area in the country. Also, we wish to communicate closely with our patients and share their goals to help accomplish them.


■ Specialized medical care for foreign patients

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