KoreaMedis is..

- KOREA MEDIS is an online medical platform that is certified as a Social Enterprise of Korea and is highly supported by South Korean government.
- KOREA MEDIS helps patients to find most suitable medical facilities in South Korea and get treated in any medical specialty. Easily get necessary information about treatment plans, costs and even book your treatment directly.

KoreaMedis Process

  • STEP 1 Find a Hospital
  • STEP 2 Hospital Consultation
  • STEP 3 Choose a Hospital
  • STEP 4 Organize Your Whole Trip
STEP 1 Find a Hospital

Search organized information about general hospitals, specialized clinics of South Korea. Extensive database of KOREA MEDIS includes information about hospitals, news and recommended doctors.

STEP 2 Hospital Consultation

Provide your own medical data and communicate directly with a hospital. You can get information regarding your treatment plan, cost and required period of stay.

STEP 3 Choose a Hospital

Choose the most suitable hospital on your own from a wide range of hospitals KOREA MEDIS can offer you.

STEP 4 Organize Your Whole Trip

Once the date of treatment is determined, you will be provided with all information that is necessary for your trip such as application for medical visa, flights, accommodations, medical interpreter and transportation.

Why Korea Medis


KOREA MEDIS’s database provides an accurate information about hospitals and will keep you updated on the latest medical related news.


KOREA MEDIS allows you to get a direct consultation with a hospital. If you would like to receive doctor or hospital recommendations, KOREA MEDIS is your best bet! Our team will do our best to help you with any questions you have.


KOREA MEDIS has a close network of hospitals and is committed to understanding the needs of patients, we completely understand the fear of an unfamiliar environment and we will assist you in every way possible.


We ensure the safety and security of your medical records and other sensitive personal data.