The presence of tenderness in the region along with radiation of pain to the back can be indicative of a couple of conditions. The first one which comes to mind is that there could be a stone in the ureter (if it was not removed along with the kidney) that could cause pain of this sort to occur as well but it is more likely that a stone in the bladder can also cause this sort of pain. An ultrasound would be diagnostic in this situation.

The second possibility can be that the stones have formed in the bile duct again and that is leading to the development of this sort of pain. The diagnosis again can be with an ultrasound of the abdomen or if necessary an MRCP of the region can be done again.

If you still have your ovaries and uterus then it is possible that this is an infection of the female genital tract which can lead to this sort of pain as well. Again the ultrasound would be diagnostic in this situation. Simi9ialrly ovarian torsion can cause this sort of pain as well and it can lead to the death of the ovary if not treated in time.

You have mentioned 13 surgeries, that could mean that you could have developed intestinal obstruction especially if you are unable to pass stools or air. This can develop because of formation of adhesions within the abdominal cavity which can lead to this sort of [problem. An x-ray of the abdomen along with an ultrasound of the abdomen would be diagnostic here.

the fact is that you have tenderness in the abdomen which is not improving and given this situation, it is imperative that you have this evaluated in the ER. Appendicitis is a possibility if it has not been removed previously as well. You can use OTC ibuprofen for the time being at a dose of 800 mg but I would STRONGLY suggest that you do visit the ER.

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