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Since you have a wide range of discomforts but lack a history, it is hard for us to provide an accurate diagnosis. Judging from what you said, we highly recommend for you to first undergo those tests: blood test, abdominal ultrasound, abdominal CT, abdominal (pancreas) MRI, and endoscopy. Regarding price: 300,000 KRW for abdominal ultrasound, about 65 ~ 800,000 KRW for abdominal CT, about 130 ~ 1.5 million KRW for abdominal MRI, and about 350,000 KRW for the blood test.

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There are quite a lot of examinations you need to take when it comes to pancreatitis. If you have basic beginning stage of pancreatitis, you will need several tests including: blood test, abdominal CT, and if you have suspected cancer, you will need additional MRI test and pancreatic endoscopy. Basic pancreatitis test overall cost is about 150 ~ 2 million KRW, and intensive examination cost is around 500 ~ 6 million KRW.

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